“What will the world look like to our children in 30 years time?” – Kurikindi

I got this snap of Kurikindi a Kichwa Shaman from the Amazon whilst working as an Event Photographer for The Shamanic Lands – a two day event held in Wales centring around humans connection to the land.


Many great speakers imparted their wisdom during the weekend, however it was Kurikindi’s talk that has been reverberating around in my mind ever since. Specifically the sentence:  “What will the world look like to our children in 30 years time?” One could feel the genuine concern and sadness in his voice, this voice coming from someone  who’s family have been practicing shamanic traditions going back generations. 

At the heart of these traditions is the deep connection of humans to nature and the earth. They have a realisation that not only are humans able to connect deeply with nature but they in-fact ARE nature.

He laid down a gauntlet when he said “what are YOU doing to protect the earth”. When he said that it was as though he was taking directly to me.

One humans effort isn’t going to have much effect on the over-all environmental crises we face, however Kurikindi’s words has made me engage with the part of me that needs to be satisfied that I’m at least doing something, no matter how small. Whether it’s taking an extra bag for collecting rubbish while out walking, buying food from plastic free shops or planting trees.

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