Services for holistic practitioners

While the development of western medicine stands as one of humanities greatest achievements, not all patients walk away from their GPs cured. Diagnosis like ‘irritable bowel syndrome’ might point out that ones bowels are irritated but those three words don’t get at the underling issue thats causing their bowls to be irritated.

From my own healing experiences through, plant spirit medicine, meditation and attempting to unravel none-duality I know that there are powerful healing modalities out there. I have a passion to seek them out and share them with the world.

I’m very comfortable in admitting this one thing: What i don’t know vastly outweighs what i do (apparently) know. Every human is unique and so every healer of what ever description has their own unique way of healing. In business its called a USP (Unique Selling Point).

My own USP or rather life-purpose is: facilitation. Integrating personal experience in business and media technology into the facilitation of others higher purpose.

Get in contact and we’ll see what we can co-create together.

Acupunture & Sound Frequencies