‘The Alchemist’ Dean McPhee (music video)

Happy New Year!
It’s been a tough one for live music. Undoubtedly the toughest yet.
Fortunately the musicians are playing on including electric guitar instrumentalist Dean McPhee.  
Back in October I climbed a hill in Bradford with him to meet the sky and created a music video for his track ‘The Alchemist’ from his forthcoming album ‘Witch’s Ladder’.

Please enjoy: 

‘The Alchemist’ – Dean McPhee

Social Media Advert for BBC Radio 3

I created this Social Media Ad for BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction & Freeness programs.

Marra! – Natalie Sharp

Recently, I have been working on Natalie Sharp’s epic psychedelic opera ‘Marra!‘ commissioned by Aerial festival. She’s been diving deep into her cultural heritage that encompasses Cumbria & the Seychelles. Features Maxine Peake as gavel rapper, Tommy Martinson as his world champion Gurning self and Cal Kirkpatrick and Alex Wilson, as Cumbrian wreslers, plus Jamie Robinson as a bare knuckle Cumbrian boxer.

A deeply personal reflection on growing up as a first generation immigrant in small town Cumbria, a lucid dream set against the arcane, esoteric rituals and traditions that bubble under the surface of everyday life.

Aerial Festival

Its in three parts. Watch the whole thing here:

What is Your identity, if you are not Your Name? (Film-Poem)

In these stressful times it’s important that we connect to an inner peace that resides within us all. I once had a profound psychedelic experience that seemed to connect to a universal truth, after the effects wore off, i was left curious. I wondered:

If what i had experienced was indeed a universal truth, surly it can be accessed without the aid of psychedelics?

This curiosity lead me to approach None-Duality Poet Mandi Solk, together we came up with this short Film-Poem.

If you have any questions about this film please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

What is Your Identity, if You are not Your name?

Descartes: “I Think Therefore I Am”
Harry: “I Think therefore I Think I am

For the past nine months i have had the joy and honour of hanging out with Mandi Solk author and non-duality poet.

In spirituality, nondualism, also called nonduality, means “not two” or “one undivided without a second”. Nondualism primarily refers to a mature state of consciousness, in which the dichotomy of I-other is “transcended”, and awareness is described as “centerless” and “without dichotomies”..

Nondualism – Wikipedia

Together we have been creating media that compliments the none-duality message. ‘What is your identity if you are not your name?’ is the first of our co-creations.

The film-poem will be showcased at a ‘secret’ screening on Sunday 12th May at Pushing Up Daisies – A community-grown festival inspiring conversations around death and dying. Solk will give a talk titled ‘What is it that never dies?’.

For more details please go here.

“What will the world look like to our children in 30 years time?” – Kurikindi

I got this snap of Kurikindi a Kichwa Shaman from the Amazon whilst working as an Event Photographer for The Shamanic Lands – a two day event held in Wales centring around humans connection to the land.


Many great speakers imparted their wisdom during the weekend, however it was Kurikindi’s talk that has been reverberating around in my mind ever since. Specifically the sentence:  “What will the world look like to our children in 30 years time?” One could feel the genuine concern and sadness in his voice, this voice coming from someone  who’s family have been practicing shamanic traditions going back generations. 

At the heart of these traditions is the deep connection of humans to nature and the earth. They have a realisation that not only are humans able to connect deeply with nature but they in-fact ARE nature.

He laid down a gauntlet when he said “what are YOU doing to protect the earth”. When he said that it was as though he was taking directly to me.

One humans effort isn’t going to have much effect on the over-all environmental crises we face, however Kurikindi’s words has made me engage with the part of me that needs to be satisfied that I’m at least doing something, no matter how small. Whether it’s taking an extra bag for collecting rubbish while out walking, buying food from plastic free shops or planting trees.