Having adopted a daily meditation practice for the past four years has made me aware of the importance of ‘observing the present moment’. Something I’ve always intuitively practiced when shooting documentaries. Waiting to capture that perfect moment that encapsulates the films theme, often in an inexplicable way. Timing is everything after all, good footage comes to those who wait. The waiting game must be played and obeyed. Life is happening and I aim to capture the more magical moments.

Which is why I’m often attracted to musical projects because as Sun Ra the American jazz composer, bandleader and ambassador of the planet Saturn said “music is the language of the spirits”. And the spirits know where all the magic is at.  A relationship with ones intuition must be nurtured if you want to be in the right time and the right place, which is essential when filming.

Good planning too. Plan everything to the Nth degree and then plan to abandon your plan when the universe offers you something better. If you can’t dance with the chaos of the world through improvisation your film will be dead. Life must live and won’t be tied down by limiting rules.