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Storytelling, Film making and Dreaming are intricately connected. I continuously and delightfully practice all three. I record my dreams as often as I remember them and process and create Action Plans from the dreams that help me make choices that influence every sphere of my life. Including helping me make informed decisions on the films I make.

It is said that Siddhartha sat under a Bodhi tree and received wisdom, to the point of becoming a Buddha… Sadhguru is a term in India for a type of guru, it translates as: ‘knowledge from within.’

From my own experiences practicing Vipassanā meditation, practising observing and trying to stay equanimous. I have found at some point. without trying or expecting, wisdom comes though during meditation.

Wisdom from a deeper intelligence is seeping through to us all night long, during our dreams. Without processing the dreams properly, this wisdom floats away. I am here to help you out.

I’ve been a dreamer since very young, and have leant how to navigate dreams and have gained a deeper understanding of them.

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If your feeling tight in the wallet, feel free to send me your dream via the form below. If I’m feeling in the mood, I might give you some free feedback for exchange for a testimonial.